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Saranghae. I'm Aini. 18 yr's old.
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Yea I'm Happy ^^
Saturday, July 20, 2013 | 21:40 | 0 waiting

Today is a happy day for me, breaking fast with my beloved friends and others. Although I was a shy girl who did not talk as much as they can talk, but thank God my beloved friends was still patient and still accept me. hihik. Thank God. Luqman Al-Hakim had said to her son, "if you want to find friends, test angers him. If he's impatient with the attitude, avoid him" Yes this is correct! what Luqman Al-Hakim said. I agree 100% ^^" and lalalalala This is a awesome day that I never had :) THANKS Kawan ♥ (':

*Maaf tiada gambar utk dipostkan hihik ^^ time tuh Aini terlupa nk bwak kamera :'/ sob sob ~

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